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The training includes 8 of the top institutions of the metropolis Lyon - St Etienne :
- 6 accrediting including 5 COMUE of the University of Lyon (Lyon 1, Lyon 2, Lyon 3, ECL, ENTPE) and 1 outside this COMUE (EMSE)
- 2 by convention (INSA Lyon and Lyon IEP).

This reconciliation within the same statement aims to :
1. Promote exchanges and meetings between students whose skills are complementary fields, teach them to work in a multidisciplinary context ;
2. Enriching exchanges with professionals in the environmental risk, facilitate the matching of opportunities and training offerings ;
3. Develop a partnership between the different institutions to pool certain actions and make it more readable the training offer of the Lyon site.

The training aims to prepare professionals who can bring strategic projects in the fields of the environment and risks, seeking to prepare for careers in business, engineering firms, service companies, local and regional authorities, organizations or structures public and private research.
The course ERIU prepare students who want to access to project leader positions or directing the "environment - security" services of these structures. The training allows them to initiate and control the projects of these structures in different areas.
The course SEIU prepare for careers in public and private research in the environmental field. It can address the systemic approach to environmental problems, environmental assessment, emission and dispersion of pollutants, reduction and treatment of solid and liquid waste.
The course RISE prepare risk project managers when "environmental risk" is present, experts able to dialogue, and to produce an analysis report in multidisciplinary teams on the environmental risk and governance.

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Demande d'accès

Parcours RISE

Profil ingénieur (ECL, ENTPE, ...)
Dossier de candidature à l’ECL
Info : R. Perkins
Profil juriste
Dossier de candidature à Lyon 3
Info : I. Michallet
Profil économiste ou politiste
Dossier de candidature à Lyon 2
Info : P.Polomé

Parcours SEIU

Le dossier de candidature à l’ENTPE est disponible en ligne ici.
Le dossier de candidature à l’ENMSE est disponible en ligne ici.
Le contenu des deux dossiers est similaire.
La date limite pour le retour des dossiers est fixée au 31 mai 2022.

Pour toute information complémentaire sur les modalités de candidature au parcours SEIU, contacter :
Yves Perrodin à l’ENTPE ou Natacha Gondran à l’ENMSE

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